About the database

The database offers an accessible way to search quickly, efficiently and target-oriented for and through documents officially released by the G7 and G20, e.g. in the field of development policy. The database contains all relevant texts since 1975 (available in PDF and text form).

Documents can be screened for individual keywords – such as 2030 Agenda, Africa, climate, health, gender or debt – via a user-friendly and easy to use search function. Moreover, users can apply further search filters (i.e. forum, type of document, year) in order to refine their search results. The database allows for compiling a personal document collection, which helps with keeping track of relevant files. Consequently, these can be browsed, compared and shared.

A visualization feature allows for generating, downloading and sharing individual graphs based on desired terms.

As such, users are able – inter alia – to track the development of language within the G7 and G20 over a chosen period.

Thus, the database does provides a one-stop shop for G7 and G20 documents.